Hunger 101

The face of hunger has changed.  No longer just the burden of the homeless or the working poor, hunger has crept into the neighborhoods of Middle America.  It affects parents who have lost their jobs.  Seniors struggling to make ends meet because of the rise in medical bills and prescription drug costs.  Those who have lost a professional job in the recession and settle for a lower-wage job because employment options are slim to none.

  1 in 5 people in our community faces food insecurity.  They live with the threat of being hungry, or having inconsistent access to enough nutritious food.  
  Kids have an even harder time, 1 in 4 face food insecurity every day.  
  Many people in our community make tough choices every day between eating and paying for basic needs.  
  Arm yourself with the facts about hunger and learn how you can become an advocate.  

In 2010, the Houston Food Bank took a deeper look at hunger here in Southeast Texas, polling clients, member agencies and volunteers about hunger in the community.  The 2010 Hunger Study provides a comprehensive profile of hunger in our region by the people who experience it everyday as well as those who help alleviate it.

This study is done every 4 years. The 2010 Study, taken in 2009, was released in 2010. The study taken in 2013 will be released in Summer 2014. We will bring that to you when available.