Let’s Stand Together and Fight Hunger!

Imaging knowing there is nothing at home to feed your kids and there is also no money to buy food. This is the struggle faced 1 out of every 5 people in Southern Brazoria County. You can change that and help them put dinner on the table so no one goes to bed hungry.

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Right now, dozens of seniors in our area are choosing whether to buy food or medicine. Single parents are deciding whether to pay the utility bill or feed their kids. It’s a big problem. In fact, one in five of our neighbors don’t have enough to eat.  

We think that’s too many.  And with your help, we can change it. 

Your gift now will provide food and hope to children, seniors, and families right here in the Brazosport community.  A donation of $1.83 to Brazosport Cares provides a day's worth of meals for a neighbor.  

Together, we can make sure no one faces the day hungry.