Who We Serve

Brazosport Cares Food Pantry is a community supported organization that provides no-cost food assistance and programs to individuals and families in the Brazosport area.

Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we
are gives us all the best opportunity for
growing into the healthiest of people.
— Mr. Rogers (Fred Rogers)

Hunger Has Many Faces

Hunger can happen to anyone- a child, a senior citizen, a coworker or a friend. In 2018 Brazosport Cares as assisted 4,600 individuals . 1 in 5 individuals in the Brazosport community experience food insecurity. Within a 5 mile radius of Brazosport Cares 20% of the households live at or below the poverty level.


This Could Be

  • Working families whose income is insufficient to feed the household.

  • Families who have experienced a total loss or significant decrease in their income due to unemployment or illness.

  • Seniors and the disabled living on fixed incomes.

  • Unemployable and homeless.