Client Assistance Program

Hunger rarely lives in a vacuum. Quite often, if someone is wrestling with hunger, that person has many other challenges in life related to health care, education, employment, housing or any number of potentially daunting issues. Brazosport Cares maintains a referral library to connect individuals to local community resources.

We are proud members of the TAV Health Network partnered with the United Way of Brazoria County and Community Health Network. Through the TAV Network we will be able to better communicate and provide assistance to individuals in need in the Brazosport community.


True To Life Ministries

We see a growing number of youth and adults in our communities who are stuck in the pit of poverty. It's easy for us to assume it's just a money problem, a job problem, an education problem, or a hunger problem. But it's never that simple.



Our Mission The mission of Live Oak Clinic is to offer chronic medical care to people you see every day in the Brazosport community - service workers, child care providers and other low-wage earners, whose employers do not include access to health insurance.

Career Office Locations | Workforce Solutions - Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions offices are open Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Hours vary at each Information Center. To reach Workforce Solutions toll free, call 1 (888) 469-5627. To check the status of current financial aid application, call 1 (888) 600-5936.


Freeport Commu | Freeport | Stephen F. Austin Community Health Network

Freeport Community Health Center offers dental, medical, behavioral and psychiatry, pediatric, and ob/gyn services.

United Way of Brazoria County

Rissa is a survivor and has overcome great odds. Find out how her life was impacted by The Women's Center of Brazoria County and United Way.

The Pregnancy Help Center

Lake Jackson, TX