Who We Serve

Our pantry serves individuals and families living in the Brazosport area, which includes the communities of Clute, Freeport, Jones Creek, Lake Jackson, Oyster Creek, Quintana, Richwood and Surfside. 


Neighbors come to the pantry for various reasons.

  • A family or individual has experienced a total loss or drop in income due to unemployment, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Working families whose household income is insufficient to feed the household. This is the largest growing population of people seeking food assistance.

  • Seniors and disabled individuals living on fixed incomes.

  • The unemployable and homeless.

  • Students who go home to little or meager meals on weekends.

Hunger 101

The face of hunger has changed.  No longer just the burden of the homeless or the working poor, hunger has crept into the neighborhoods of Middle America.  It affects parents who have lost their jobs.  Seniors struggling to make ends meet because of the rise in medical bills and prescription drug costs.  Those who have lost a professional job in the recession and settle for a lower-wage job because employment options are slim to none.

>  20% of the households within a five miles radius of Brazosport Cares faces food insecurity.  They live with the threat of being hungry, or having inconsistent access to enough nutritious food.

>  1 in 4 Freeport residents are living in poverty.

> More than 80% of the students in Freeport schools are classified as economically disadvantaged.

> The reality is many families in our community have to make the hard decision to put dinner on the table tonight or pay the rent. 


Feeding America Hunger Studies

The data collected through the Hunger in America studies help guide the development of programs and solutions that improve food security for individuals and their households and inform public policy and support for solving hunger in America. As a result of the Hunger in America study, we have a more profound understanding of the people who receive assistance through the Feeding America network, the personal and economic circumstances of their households, and the response of our partner agencies that provide assistance. Brazosport Cares is very proud to be a part of the Feeding America network and a partner agency of the Houston Food Bank.

Here is a link to the Feeding America website where you can find more information as well as the full impact of hunger in America and in communities around the US. For your convenience, here is a link to a downloadable PDF Executive Summary of the 2014 Hunger in America 2014 Report.

In 2010, the Houston Food Bank took a deeper look at hunger here in Southeast Texas, polling clients, member agencies and volunteers about hunger in the community.  The 2010 Hunger Study provides a comprehensive profile of hunger in our region by the people who experience it everyday as well as those who help alleviate it. This study is done every 4 years.